Sound Solutions for the Automotive Industry

From initial product research and development to body treatment, underbody, floors and trim, UGN is a world-class provider of acoustical solutions to the auto industry with a focus on “just-in-time delivery,” global resources, and quality.

Each culture has its own benefits and UGN leverages the best of the Japanese, European, and American markets to provide superior noise reduction, interior trim, and thermal management products.


Employee Retention: Questions to Ask Before Firing Someone

It’s a situation no business owner concerned about employee retention wants to face. One of your employees has failed to perform according to your expectations and now it seems you have no choice but to fire him. Not so fast, says Lisa Girard, a contributor to Entrepreneur. The problem may not be him, but you. […]

Net Promoter Scoring: When to Ask “The Question?”

One of the most intriguing aspects of Net Promoter scoring is its propensity to reveal insights about human nature and the nature of business. One such revelation: The timing of your Net Promoter Score survey can drastically alter your results. When should you ask your single question to achieve the most accurate result? To understand […]

Customer Service: What the Experts Can Teach Us

We all use quotes from experts or famous people to illustrate ideas we want to get across to other people. But, says Jason Brick, a contributor to Open Forum, you can’t just share these quotes with your staff and expect them to get it. “You’ve got to act on it yourself so your team learns […]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Sales Managers

If your business is experiencing a sales slump, the problem may not be that your sales team is “bad.” The problem may be that your sales team is poorly managed. So says John Treace, author of Nuts & Bolts of Sales Management: How to Build a High-Velocity Sales Organization, and a contributor to Inc. Working […]