Sound Solutions for the Automotive Industry

From initial product research and development to body treatment, underbody, floors and trim, UGN is a world-class provider of acoustical solutions to the auto industry with a focus on “just-in-time delivery,” global resources, and quality.

Each culture has its own benefits and UGN leverages the best of the Japanese, European, and American markets to provide superior noise reduction, interior trim, and thermal management products.


How to Leave Work on Time

Everyone knows working long hours is directly linked to serious health issues like stress and heart disease. Yet we still put in longer and longer hours at our jobs, both on-site and during what used to be called “our own time.” We’re now occupied with answering work-related emails and returning work-related phone calls nearly round-the-clock. But, says […]

Turning Detractors Into Promoters

When it comes to Net Promoters, one might logically assume it is easier to turn a passive (those who, according to, “are satisfied but unenthusiastic customers who are vulnerable to competitive offerings”) than a detractor (unhappy customers) into a promoter. However, passives lack any emotional connection with your business and products. Detractors, on the […]

How to Avoid Failure: Beware the Five Poors

When businesses fail, is it always because they run out of money? Or does failure more likely come about because certain precautions were ignored long before funds started to dry up? The reasons behind the decline of many companies can be attributed to what Brian Moran, CEO of Brian Moran & Associates, calls the Five […]

Five Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation

It is an interesting world we live in. There are three generations in the workforce and, as business leaders, we are forced to straddle each generation as we grow our companies. Fortunately technology is making our lives more efficient, even if we are reticent to use it. Following are five ways to manage your online reputation, […]